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Hola amigos y amigas. Today's entry is being brought to you from the cybermundo internet centre in sunny Barcelona. Regular updates will resume on or after 5/31. I'm off to the beach. I'll be thinking of you all as I'm gripping and un-gripping the sand with my toes [er, maybe not]. Buenos noches.


Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Today I'm back in SF and am taking mom to brunch in Napa. I probably won't be updating much until 6/1 unless there are wildly entertaining tales to tell from the garage.com boot camp. Then I'm off to Paris and Barcelona - I'll have the PowerBook in tow, but I doubt I'll be logging many hours on it.

Speaking of the PowerBook, Monday is the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference – I expect there will be exciting news about OSX – stay tuned. So until then, au revoir!


Yesterday at E3, Sony announced PlayStation 2 will launch on 10/26 for $299. Where do I sign?


From the very cool idea department: The research department at SRI International in Menlo Park has developed a technology that will enable you to generate your own electricity by stepping on special plastic inserts in your shoes. Read more...


Like so many of the other blog folks out there, I broke down and took the What's Your True Color test - no surprise, this is what it had to say: Strong and sophisticated, BLACK is the color of your personality. It's as if they broke into my apartment and examined my closet first hand. Very spooky.

Spent all day whiteboarding today. I think I'm high from marker fumes.

Just as I was about to blog out and drift into sleepland, I had to stumble upon this (grrr...thanks a lot Raza). Now I'm going to have horrific nightmares fer-sure.

I took a time out with visiting family to see Ridley Scott's Gladiator over the weekend. It started off a bit slow, and it was long. Quite long. Despite that, it delivered both outstanding performances by Russel Crow (Maximus) and Joaquin Pheonix (Commodus), and a solid, enjoyable entertainment experience. Go check it out.

While I don't officially endorse killing birds with stones, this allows you to nail two of them. So to speak. On the one hand, the MPTrip Discman is a fully featured portable CD player. On the other hand, it’s a dream come true that allows you to play CD-Rs burned with MP3 files. Yes, that’s right kids, that means you can average over 150 songs on a single CD-R! Despite what appears to be cheap construction and cheesy aesthetics, I just backordered mine from the only source I could find – easybuy2000.com. At just $109 (and an average $.17/MB storage cost) I couldn't possibly deny myself the utter sumptuousness of having nearly 3000 songs in a single 24 CD case. I’m salivating already. Technology is a very, very good thing.


Today's Word: sycophant

syc·o·phant (sk-fnt, sk-)

A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

don't even ask...

Add this link to your revenge toolkit...

Jeez. Still getting love bug virus emails. Don't people ever watch the news?


According to Kiersey, I am an INTP. What are you?

MP3 fanatics, throw out your deck and trunk mounted CD changer and run, don't walk to buy this.

Honestly, it's not that I'm a do-little faineant. I'm technologically challenged when traveling. When, oh when will Pyra release the Blogger Palm VII PQA?

Some people say I'm too lazy to update this site. I'd prefer to think I go that extra mile to provide far more colorful descriptors:

Brian at irobotnik is a(n) idler, drone, droil, dawdle, mopus; do-little faineant, afternoon farmer; lounger, lazzarone, loafer; lubber, lubbard; slow coach; opium eater, lotus eater; slug; lag, sluggard; slumberer, dormouse, marmot; waiter on Providence, fruges consumere natus.


Kirsty’s fashion tip: "it's all about the camouflage". I'm not sure about wearing it, but I do recommend downloading it this week only at Blake's.

I have seen the future of my home stereo system, and it is good. Check out the Audiotron from Turtle Beach.




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