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Find out where the Hubble Space Telescope, the Mir space station, and the Space Shuttle (during missions) are right now, and watch their progress across the surface of the earth using the J-Track Java spacecraft tracker.


Very reliable sources have just revealed to FilmForce that Jet Li will appear in both Matrix sequels. Read on.

"... no dialogue ... no narration ... soundtrack must be monaural ... length of credits may not exceed 1/20 the length of the film ... nonverbal human or animal utterances are permitted ... nonsense sounds whilst permitted are discouraged ... all credits and captions must be in both English and French whilst the type size of the French title may be no greater in height than 1/3 the height of the English ..."

Booger is the first officially sanctioned film of this new "dogma".


What do you get when you cross American Pie with Star Wars: Episode I? Why, American Jedi, of course!


Put all that nervous energy to use by getting one of these. Finally, one step closer to a power source for my bionic implant. Cool.


I'm baaaccck. Completely engrossed by this. Need to take another vacation to go see it.




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