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Damn you Pacific Bell DSL! It amazes me how much a company can cheapen the quality of it's goods and services in such a short amount of time. Last year, before I moved to Portland I ordered DSL, which consisted of a beefy Alcatel DSL router, a PCI NIC, and a static IP address; everything a fledgling webmaster needed to run a small server from home. Now, one year later I get a cheezy USB router and a dynamic IP. Now how am I supposed to easily hook up all my computers and my Apple Airport network to that sort of system? Ugh. I guess it's back to the hell better known as PacBell customer service. Just shoot me...

Mmmm. Thanksgiving. Mine was m-m-good. Looks like Sabrina's wasn't too bad either.


According to Hans Moravec at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, while today's best robots have the intelligence of insects, robot development is blasting along at 10 million times the speed of animal evolution. Check out the whole ZDNet story here.


This Japanese fan redefines the word 'obsession' through his reinactment of the Star Wars Trilogy using Legos. Impressive.

Once you see the Star Wars ASCIIMATION site, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Taking an airline flight on Sunday? You may want to reconsider. A grade S4 solar flare (S5 is the most severe) will expose airline passengers to as much radiation as 10 x-rays. Check out the full MSNBC story.


Our world is so obsessed with bigness, it's nice to find a site which celebrates the virtues of being small.


Enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the Mission today. It's good to be back in SF.




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