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Got my Blogger stickers today. You're welcome, Ev. Glad I could contribute.

Microsoft is no longer evil empire #1. AOL Time Warner now has that dubious distinction. In a recent study, it was determined that the megamediaconglomerate accounted for 32% of the sites users spent time on during the month of January.


Engineers with a government national security laboratory have created what they think could be the world's smallest robot -- a brainy, mobile machine that can stop and almost sit on a dime. Sporting track wheels and an 8K ROM processor, it could someday perform a host of arduous tasks like disabling land mines or searching for lost humans, scientists said. Read the full story.


"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
-Willy Wonka

After 3 days of meeting and mingling with some of the most brilliant Flash designers on the planet, I'm truly inspired. The work they have done, the close knit developer's community, and the potential of this powerful tool is mind-blowing. Flash has really evolved from a simple linear animation application into a powerful object-oriented web programing powerhouse (I remember playing with it in it's pre-Macromedia days, when it was called "Future Splash Animator"). If you've never been, I highly endorse attending the FlashForward2001 conference. The sessions and speakers were all top notch; they embodied what I believe the future of the web can become.

On an unrelated note, Star Wars geeks like myself owe it to themselves to go check out the fan film "Duality". The premise: A Sith apprentice travels to the planet Korriban to face his trial and his destiny. Very, very impressive. Nicely done guys.


My new hero of the week.

Little known fact: It seems Britney isn't content just singing anymore; apparently Ms. Spears is an expert in semiconductor physics. Check out her site.


I almost forgot to mention Wong Kar-Wei's I'm In the Mood For Love which looks like it's going to be fab-u-lous, or at least very, very pretty.


There's a plethora of excitement happening in my microcosm:
Life is goooooood.




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