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Teen troubles getting you down? Parents just don't seem to understand? No problem, just call PaPeRo.


I can see you.


Yet another reason to become a vegetarian (from Newsweek):

An American hot dog, for example, can contain up to 20 percent ďmechanically separated meat,Ē which the government describes as ďa paste-like and batter-like meat product produced by forcing bones with attached edible meat under high pressure through a sieve ...Ē

Read the whole article about the BSE epidemic here.


Michael finally put his site up. His portfolio is truly inspirational. I wanna be like Mike!

Depeche Mode tour dates I will be attending:
Friday, July 27th Portland, OR
Friday, August 3rd San Francisco, CA

I've always had issues shaving. I have sensitive skin, and for as long as Iíve been shaving Iíve had to go through a pretty tedious ritual to avoid razor burn. I've tried nearly every product, from Aveeno to Kiehl's to everything in-between; they all sort of sucked. Plus they contain methylparabens, which have been proven to result in the preservation of tumescent cells (ick!). However, I recently stumbled upon Jules & Jane's Shave lotion. It's incredible. No razor burn, and a close comfortable shave that leaves my skin feeling soft and invigorated. And the best thing is, it's made of 100% all natural oils and other ingredients, and no methylparabens. Denizens of LA can find it at KBOND, or visit their website.

Locals I met at SXSW:
And a few others names I can't remember (oops!)...

Every one of them super, super-duper nice, warm and friendly. Especially Derek & Heather (they're such a cute couple). Itís a shame I didnít actually meet them earlier in the week, but we do all live in the same city, so Iím sure weíll cross paths eventually.

So as it turns out, it looks as if we have no home yet, but are still being booted from our offices on Bryant St. Yep, that means I get to work from home (insert false disappointed look here) for several weeks until we a) find an office, b) get it wired, c) get furniture. So that means I'll be updating more frequently, and should be able to monitor my radio station and tweak my play list more frequently. Darn.


Don't get me wrong...I love the fact that I am in Austin at SXSW, but damn, talk about the wrong time to be away from San Francisco. Look at what I'm missing out on (passed on as email gossip):

The Matrix (II & III) sequels are being filmed in SF in March and April. Casting is going on now for extras. They need all sorts of people -- people for scenes and just warm bodies.

Casting agency is at http://www.sfcasting.com

You simply drop in their office on 1st/mission between 12 and 6. Enter your profile in the computer (measurements, talents) and get some digital photos snapped of you.

I'm going the moment I get back!


I've got SXSW on the brain.


I have received some truly great news for all the robotnik robots out there, the Belgian EMI office has confirmed today that EMI will be releasing a brand new studio album by Kraftwerk in June. No confirmation on song titles or single releases, but as soon as I know more-it will be posted here.
Thanks Orak UK.


thisdayinmusic.com will tell you what the #1 song was in the US or the UK on any given day since 1952. So what was number one on my birthday?

Come Together - The Beatles

Good music karma I suppose. Thanks to Evhead for the link.




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